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VME indicatorVME Habitat TypeNo. RecordsData Access
 Cold-water coral reef57Restricted
Sponge 22170Public
Anemones 2160Public
AnemonesCoral Garden678Restricted
Chemosynthetic species (seeps and vents)Cold seeps1Public
SpongeCoral Garden32Public
Black coralCoral Garden379Restricted
GorgonianCold-water coral reef177Restricted
Soft coral 481Restricted
Stylasterids 23Public
Soft coralCold-water coral reef7Restricted
 Xenophyophore aggregations11Public
 Seapen fields804Public
Cup coralCold-water coral reef3Restricted
Stony coralCoral Garden136Public
 Mud and sand emergent fauna4Public
 Hydrothermal vents/fields26Public
GorgonianCoral Garden344Restricted
AnemonesSeapen fields150Public
Sea-penCoral Garden49Public
Black coralCoral Garden20Public
Soft coral 367Public
Sea-pen 1565Restricted
 Xenophyophore aggregations30Restricted
Chemosynthetic species (seeps and vents) 11Public
SpongeDeep-sea Sponge Aggregations1946Public
Soft coralCoral Garden31Public
Stony coralCoral Garden840Restricted
GorgonianCoral Garden445Public
Sea-penCold-water coral reef1Restricted
Cup coral 42Restricted
Gorgonian 7576Public
Sponge 307Restricted
 Coral Garden476Restricted
 Cold-water coral reef585Public
Stony coralCold-water coral reef325Restricted
AnemonesCold-water coral reef401Restricted
Xenophyophores 10Public
 Cold seeps14Public
Stony coral 342Restricted
Cup coralCoral Garden45Restricted
 Tube-dwelling anemone aggregations56Restricted
GorgonianCold-water coral reef144Public
AnemonesDeep-sea Sponge Aggregations1Restricted
Gorgonian 215Restricted
Stony coral 1523Public
Stony coralCold-water coral reef605Public
Stylasterids 29Restricted
 Deep-sea Sponge Aggregations1391Public
Black coral 594Public
Black coralCold-water coral reef221Restricted
SpongeCoral Garden124Restricted
Sea-pen 9576Public
Sea-penSeapen fields1043Public
 Coral Garden291Public
 Stalked crinoid aggregations6Restricted
SpongeCold-water coral reef77Restricted
 Seapen fields144Restricted
Black coral 173Restricted
 Hydrothermal vents/fields1Restricted
 Tube-dwelling anemone aggregations33Public
Sea-penCoral Garden41Restricted
AnemonesAnemone aggregations22Public
Anemones 25Restricted
 Deep-sea Sponge Aggregations130Restricted
Cup coral 520Public
Soft coralCoral Garden15Restricted
StylasteridsCold-water coral reef1Restricted
AnemonesCoral Garden157Public
 Anemone aggregations3Public

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