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VME indicatorVME Habitat TypeNo. RecordsData Access
 Cold-water coral reef501Restricted
Sponge 23065Public
Anemones 2179Public
Chemosynthetic species (seeps and vents)Cold seeps1Public
SpongeCoral Garden32Public
Soft coral 618Restricted
Stylasterids 30Public
 Xenophyophore aggregations30Public
 Seapen fields861Public
Stony coralCoral Garden136Public
 Mud and sand emergent fauna4Public
 Hydrothermal vents/fields26Public
AnemonesSeapen fields150Public
Sea-penCoral Garden49Public
Black coralCoral Garden20Public
Soft coral 447Public
Sea-pen 1943Restricted
 Xenophyophore aggregations34Restricted
Chemosynthetic species (seeps and vents) 11Public
SpongeDeep-sea Sponge Aggregations1946Public
Soft coralCoral Garden31Public
GorgonianCoral Garden445Public
Cup coral 40Restricted
Gorgonian 8260Public
Sponge 2613Restricted
 Coral Garden482Restricted
 Cold-water coral reef689Public
 Cold seeps14Public
Xenophyophores 17Public
Stony coral 419Restricted
 Tube-dwelling anemone aggregations57Restricted
GorgonianCold-water coral reef144Public
Gorgonian 1172Restricted
Stony coral 2852Public
Stony coralCold-water coral reef605Public
Stylasterids 29Restricted
 Deep-sea Sponge Aggregations1416Public
 Stalked crinoid aggregations4Public
Black coral 1760Public
Sea-pen 10636Public
Sea-penSeapen fields1043Public
 Coral Garden644Public
 Stalked crinoid aggregations6Restricted
 Seapen fields148Restricted
Black coral 214Restricted
 Tube-dwelling anemone aggregations72Public
 Hydrothermal vents/fields1Restricted
AnemonesAnemone aggregations22Public
 Deep-sea Sponge Aggregations134Restricted
Cup coral 733Public
AnemonesCoral Garden157Public
 Bryozoan patches4Public
 Anemone aggregations3Public

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